‘The Thinking Bee’

'Thinking Bee' workshop at The University of Sheffield.
‘The Thinking Bee’ workshop at The University of Sheffield.

On 30th November 2015 artists Anthony Bennett, Paul Evans and Hondartza Fraga met with University of Sheffield academics Terry O’Connor, Mike Braddick, James Marshall, Robert McKay and Adrian Moore to discuss ‘what we think about when we think about bees’.

The meeting was structured around a workshop devised by Paul based on the definition of the word ‘bee’ as ‘a meeting for communal work or amusement’. Ideas were written into hexagonal cell structures and organised into connected patterns based around key nodes of thought.

Ideas laid out in hexagonal cells, organised into nodes of meaning ...
Ideas written into hexagonal cells are organised into ‘nodes of meaning’ …

Work informed by this workshop, and by the artists’ own thoughts and research, will be on display in the The Winter Garden, next to Millennium Gallery, Sheffield from 27th March until 4th April 2016.